At CSA, we specialize in Standard Plan Review and Direct Developer Services. We help you meet your objectives, on time, by utilizing our experience in this industry, and overall knowledge of the permit process.


We truly are an end-to-end permit solution. We are here to help your company handle, run and manage your projects. Our customers feel that utilizing our services allows them the time they need to focus on the high level aspects of their projects.

11 S. Green St.

11 S. Green St.

Whether you are looking to add that new porch or gut rehab your home, the City of Chicago requires you to have a permit.  We can help ease your pain by taking care of the permit process for you.


Our experienced staff will help ensure that your permit submittals are complete and accurate. We use our knowledge and experience to get your project approved painlessly. Contact us for a proposal.



The DOB Direct Developer Services Permit Program is a requirement for complex projects including, but not limited to new construction high rise projects.  With any intricate process there are moving pieces.  Allow us to handle the permitting process, so that you can focus on other aspects of the project.  Contact us today for a Proposal.



The City's Direct Developer Service Permit Program is required when your project meets one of the following conditions:

  • Buildings greater than 80 ft tall
  • Residential project (including gut rehabs) with 50 DU or more
  • Any business/mercantile projects above 150,000 sf
  • Green building permit projects
  • Projects including Earth Retention System and work deeper than 12' below grade

Although Chicago calls it the Easy Permit Process, it is far from simple. Let us help guide you from consultation to permit issuance. We can also help with any subcontractor changes.


Our services include:

  • Review your application to ensure it gets approved the first time.

  • Expedite any CDOT, Landmark, or Planning approval, and process any environmental permit necessary for the job.

  • Pick up and send the permit to an address that you specify. We also have curbside pickup available for your convenience.


There are a lot of variables that go into any public way permit. Whether it is working with the Alderman or the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (DBACP), let CSA take the stress out of the process.


We process Public Way Permits on a daily basis whether it is for large corporations as well as small businesses.  Let us shorten the time to approval.


Scaffolding permits can require multiple trips to City Hall if you don't know what you are doing. Let us take care of the submissions and process your permit.


A Scaffold Permit is required for the following reasons:

  1. The building is located in the Central Business District of Chicago and is over 40 feet above grade.
  2. Any building over 80 feet above grade.

Working with the Chicago Department of Transportation can be a confusioning process. Lucky for you, CSA is here to help!


Canopy permits, barricades, driveway permits, or closer of lanes.  These are all specialties of the CSA transportation team.  We work closely with the Chicago Department of Transportation to streamline and speed up the process for you.