Founded in 1989, Construction Service Associates has been a liaison between our customers and City Hall. We have a customer first mentality, and pride ourselves on keeping you in the loop, which is why we have been in business for 30 years.


We can help with any project that requires a permit, whether it is big or small. Our expert team allows for a high level of service that you will not find at any other company. CSA is the only permit expediter in the Chicago area that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. We work hard towards maintaining our A+ rating!




Marc Remer

With over 25 years of Architectural and permit processing experience, I am always here to offer advise and guidance through the permit process.



Leslie Ames
Office Manager




David Caburnay
Project Manager

Standard Plan Review and Direct Developer Services






Bradford Harris
Senior Project Manager




David Ruge
Project Manager

Standard Plan Review and Direct Developer Services

At CSA, we provide an end-to-end permit solution no matter what your business need.  Below are a list of the permits where we are considered experts in our field. Don't see something on the list?  Fill out our CONTACT form to inquire.

Building Registration Submittals

Building Violations & Stop Work Order Removals

Canopy Permits

CDOT Plan Review Committee Submissions

Certificate of Occupancy

Cook County Building Permits

Direct Developer Services Permits

Driveway Permits

Environmental Permits

FAA Submissions

Freedom of Information Requests

Green Permit Program

Occupancy Placards

Office of Underground Coordination (OUC) Submissions

Platform Permits

Plumbing Short Form Permits

Public Way Opening Permits

Public Way & Grant of Privilege Approvals

Refrigeration Short Form Permits

Repair/Replace Permits (EPP)

Scaffold Permits

Self Certification Permits

Sewer Permits

Sidewalk Cafè Permits

Sign Permit Assistance 

Solar Panel Permits

Stage Permits

Standard Plan Review

Storm Water Management Submissions

Temporary Crane & Hoist Permits

Tent Permits

Ventilation & Heating Short Form Permits

Zoning & Landscape Review

Zoning Administrative Adjustment